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Big Ideas

Home Teaching Packs

Classroom Secrets is providing free Home Learning Packs which as well as providing Maths and English resources also provide practical ideas. These are categorised by Year group to make them even more bespoke for your child/children.

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Here is an example of the Year 5 Practical Ideas first page. 

Screenshot 2020-03-24 at 09.59.49.png

Learn a new language

Rosetta Stone is providing 3 months free access for students. Why not take advantage of this as a family and learn a new language?

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Zoo Cams

You can watch what the animals are getting up to at Edinburgh and Dublin zoos!

Edinburgh Zoo have Panda cams, Penguin Cams, Tiger and Koala Cams  

Screenshot 2020-03-24 at 10.41.40.png

Live webcams from Africa

Watch animals in their natural habitat. The live sounds from the animals is wonderful to hear!

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DYSON Challenge cards

Dyson have created a bank of wonderful challenges which you can do at home. From making tornados in a bottle to creating underwater volcanoes, from dancing raisins to making a lava lamp. Lots of amazing fun ideas to inspire your child/children!

Resources for home

Daily Activities

We have collated a selection of resources which you can use daily to develop good habits for your child's/children's learning.

By Subject

We have collated resources according to subject so that you can provide a breadth of educational experiences for your child/children.

Big Ideas

There are so many fun & engaging learning opportunities at this time. Learn a language, watch a theatre show and so much more!

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