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Meet The Team


Julian Hughes

  • Member of CAS

  • CEOP Ambassador

  • Apple Professional Development


  • EPICT Trainer

  • Intel Teach To The Future Trainer


Jason Cochrane

  • NPQH

  • Member of CAS

  • CEOP Ambassador

  • Apple Teacher

  • Book Creator Ambassador

Our SLA offer

Teenagers in Library

5 bespoke School-based sessions

We will work in your school for 5 sessions during the year. This can include teaching children, working with staff, parents or governors, or a combination of them all. A session is usually a full day teaching or an afternoon teaching followed by a staff meeting.

Business Conference

3 Primary Computing Network meetings

These termly Network meetings are designed to support coordinators through providing inspirational ideas for promoting computing and technology within school. Each meeting has a particular focus and we ensure all Primary Key Stages are catered for. 

Startup Development Team

3 Training


This academic year our courses focus on:

1. NQTs

2. Humanities

3. Literacy

For more information on our courses and how to sign up please click the button below.

Audience Clapping

CEOP Training

We provide a free annual CEOP refresher course. This course will give you all the information you need to help you deliver the Digital Literacy element of your computing curriculum thoroughly and well.

Image by Kaleb Kendall

Drone & 360º images

We can create virtual tours of your school, promotional videos, high quality photographs for your website or one off films using our 360 camera, drone, video camera and digital SLR camera.

Image by Hal Gatewood

Website audits

Each year we will audit your website to ensure it meets the statutory guidelines set out by Ofsted. We will also suggest possible improvements to help you better promote your school to a wider audience.

CD Drive


We can record school performances throughout the year using our high quality cameras and sound recorders. Using our duplicator machine and disc printer we can provide you with bespoke discs in protective clam shell cases.

Image by Oliver Sjöström

Outdoor Loan Kit

Our Outdoor Adventure loan kit has a wonderful array of useful tools to help you record those precious memories. Included are items such as a GoPro camera, a waterproof camera, a waterproof camcorder, flotation straps, iPad with stargazing and nature apps and even more... 

Image by Muhamad Reza Junianto

Course Evaluations

After each course, staff meeting or parents' event we will ask for feedback. This feedback will be collated, aggregated and emailed to the school so that you can provide evidence of impact.

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