Joe Wicks has proclaimed himself to be the nation's PE teacher for the coming weeks and months. Join him at 9am every morning on his Youtube channel to keep fit and active!

This is a fabulous site which you can join as a family. There are loads of videos and topics from upbeat dances to mindfulness and yoga activities.

KidzBop has had over one billion views on YouTube. There are a wide selection of music videos for you to  dance along with.


Oxford Owl have a free ebook library. You can choose books by age, level, book type or series.

Book Trust is a fabulous website which allows you to find recommendations and top tips for reading with your child.

This fantastic phonics and early reading program is free on your PC/ laptop. Really engaging and fun!

This brilliant game based learning platform helps children quickly recall their times tables. Compete against yourself or your classmates or children across the world.

A simple timed free maths games to allow your child to quickly learn their times tables and other number facts.

Lots of free resources for Year 3,4,5 & 6 children. There are also YouTube help videos and printable resources. There is definitely enough here to keep your KS2 child engaged.

Resources for home

Daily Activities

We have collated a selection of resources which you can use daily to develop good habits for your child's/children's learning.

By Subject

We have collated resources according to subject so that you can provide a breadth of educational experiences for your child/children.

Big Ideas

There are so many fun & engaging learning opportunities at this time. Learn a language, watch a theatre show and so much more!


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