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Help at home

We want to support you at home

As parents, we know it can be a fun and enjoyable to have your child/children at home. However, we also understand the uncertainty around how long this time at home may last can be quite daunting. As well as providing you with a wide selection of apps and programming ideas for you to engage your children with at home, we have also created our top tips to help you keep some sense of normality for your children. 


Top Tips

This list is not exhaustive but hopefully it gives you some ideas for how to keep the next days, weeks and possibly months manageable and educationally purposeful for your child/children.


1) Set a routine

Each day try to get up at the same time and provide consistency for your family. You may wish to create a chart or a timetable for what you will do that day. Your school will provide you with lots of resources and ideas.


2) Get some exercise

Your child/ children need to move and it is scientifically proven to make you feel better both physically, mentally and emotionally. Joe Wicks is doing a 30 min PE session every morning from 9am on YouTube. Click here for more info.

Family in the Kitchen

3) Have some fun!

Although this is a difficult time, it can also be viewed as a once in a life time opportunity whereby you get to spend some really good quality time with your child/children. You can choose to use this time to make happy family memories rather than worry about the uncertainties!

Resources for home

Daily Activities

We have collated a selection of resources which you can use daily to develop good habits for your child's/children's learning.

By Subject

We have collated resources according to subject so that you can provide a breadth of educational experiences for your child/children.

Big Ideas

There are so many fun & engaging learning opportunities at this time. Learn a language, watch a theatre show and so much more!

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